Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

RKG and its specialised consultants have been working with biotech and pharmaceutical companies related to drug safety and helping to reduce product safety risk, achieve compliance, and improve efficiency of pharmacovigilance processes.

Drug Safety

With extensive experience and knowledge with national and international Drug Safety principles, we review and manage processing of all drug safety cases to streamline the processes and ensure compliance to global and local drug safety reporting requirements.


Our Specialised Consultants, Medical Professionals, and MDs review and assess safety cases to prevent adverse effects with pharmaceutical products and help to manage processing of all cases from initial reporting through case closure.

We help biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to detect safety issues early, reduce costs, and maintain compliance, while safeguarding patients’ health.

Signal Detection and Analysis

Our Pharmacovigilance Specialists and MDs will work with your teams to perform analysis of individual case safety data and implement risk management plan and signaling strategy.

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